Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Update Status Via Samsung Galaxy Note 3

The Samsung has come up with a large tablet cum smartphone which is having few alluring features that makes it different from all other predecessors. Note and Note II has been sold remarkably in market and with the new Note III we have no doubt of large sales. Coming back to Note III features.
Update status via Samsung Note 3

The S Pen
Samsung has added the Air Command feature, which gives you quick access to S Pen functions every time you pull it out. Air Command offers a discrete fan of options for the S Pen instead of the system completely rearranging your home screen every time as on the Note II. It’s easier to interact with, and more importantly, easier to ignore. You can hover over the Air Command fan to see five various actions: Action Memo, Scrap Booker, Screen Write, S Finder, and Pen Window.

The most amazing functions are Action Memo and Pen-Window. Action Memo helps you make write down information quickly. It can be a note, an address or a phone number. Generally to-do features is not working great but writing contact number is bit easy with this.
Another alluring feature is the Pen-Window, with this you can launch various applications by making different shapes. Though it seemed to be an old feature at first, but in practise it has a great use.

King Size
Note III is more like a tablet with fast processor and improved GPU. The 5.9 inch length is not usually felt as handy. It may not look prefect to attend calls with this giant phone. The Samsung Galaxy S4 is better in this regard. Theverge has given it 8.7 out of 10 which actually a good score. What verge says –“ It feels nicer, runs faster, lasts a long time, and is just a better device overall than the Note II. If you really liked the earlier models, you’ll love the Note 3, but it probably won’t convert those that never bought into the idea. Samsung didn’t reinvent the wheel here, it just gave it a smoother ride.”

About The viaUpdateviaz has also liked this new smartphone and now we have come up with an Update via Samsung Note III. This status update is made specially on user request and we really thank user for giving feedbacks.
Update via Samsung Note III

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