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Update Status via Samsung Galaxy S4 (Review)

Samsung Galaxy S4 Update Via
There is lot going in phone industry and in this long run, Samsung has come up with a new smartphone, being the most powerful phone . Though, Samsung Galaxy S4 has the touch screen but it is beyond the simple touch smartphones. The phone is lighter but faster than any other phone in market.

Samsung Galaxy S4
The Air View in Samsung Galaxy S4 is best feature so far which brings up few sentences of the icon or section on which you hover your finger. This new Air View is seen in photo gallery, e-mail section, Calendar. You can seek the video to any time and dial the number without even touching the screen. Not only this, the speed dial show you the thumbnail and name of the person whom you can contact.
Another cool feature is the SMART PAUSE according to which , Galaxy s4 understands when you are viewing the video and when you not. It pauses the video as you turn your face from the screen. This feature is only applicable on the Samsung galaxy S4 video player, any third party software won`t support .The Samsung WatchOn is another feature which let you control your Samsung LEDs with phone. Or simply a remote for TV.It has the IR blaster which enables it to work as remote with all latest televisions.
The touch in this smartphone is superb, after air time feature , Samsung Galaxy S4 supports the touch even with gloves . You can listen same song in multiple phones at once.
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Update via Samsung Galaxy S4

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