Saturday, February 9, 2013

Update Status via Blackberry Z10

Blackberry finally launched its new smartphone on the event Blackberry Jam in Amsterdam. Though not launched in many countries blackberry Z10 is gaining interest worldwide. So why updateviaz remain away in giving its user a brand new via Blackberry Z10? Yeah !! So, as the blackberry market is seeing a downfall since this year, this new smartphone is going to revive them from all lost.Company is seeing a saviour, that actually can stimulate the sales.
This phone is having all the features that works in market i.e. entertainment and enterprise. Based on the style of ‘minimalism’, it is still be a choice of the youngsters. Business man liked the phone because this phone is very comfortable in palm ( made of the soft plastic) . But the outer side is given more protection by using a hard material.
Since this phone has not specifications that can make it ‘sexy’ but it has the invisible curves. The rectangular box with overwhelming silver coloured buttons adds a plus point for businessman.
Display and Graphics:
It has a bright display interference which makes it more subtle and viewing pictures and videos on this phone is really awesome. The resolution is 1280*768 in a 4.2”screen, packs the pixels in a very small scale. The outer section has a volume control on right hand side and HDMI and USB ports on the left hand side. The power and music jack is on the top with a notification light. Seems like an old Nokia phone though.
With the Blackberry10 Operating System (OS), phone works like a fluid spread on the glass. Yes, you can easily switch between the apps and can change course at any time. The Blackberry Z10 features a 1.5 Ghz dual cored processor with 2 GB of RAM ( my old PC RAM equivalent).

Screenshot of blackberry z10
Blackberry Z10

BB10 in Blackberry Z10 is like an accelerator which has enhanced the working in it. The phone though appears lagging while turning horizontally or vertically , but with BB10 it can be easily overlooked. Unlike Xperia Z, Blackberry Z10 have less features and appears dull in sound quality with it. The processor is quad-core in case of Sony Xperia Z.

Update via BlackBerry Z10

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