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Update Facebook Status Via iPad Mini

Apple iPad Mini Polaroid

Apple has finally launched launched a new iPad to give a shock to iPad industry.Earlier iPad 3 was launched that already liked by the users but with this mini, apple is trying to refresh its collection.iPad 2 has been disappeared from the iPad site and the rates have been modified in order to attract the mini users.
A lovely exhibit, effective A5 chip, FaceTime HD the camera, iSight the camera using 1080p HD video clip recording, ultrafast wi-fi, and over 275,000 apps inclined to download from the App Store. iPad little is an iPad in every single way, form, and slightly less form.
The initial issue you notice when you choose it up is merely how thin and burn it is. Using a effortless aluminium back, you feel as though you may flip it like a coin, or spin it on your palm.
It's as thin as a pencil and as burn as an A4-size pad of paper, offering it a seriously noticeably burn feel in the hand, much like the iPhone 5.
You can grip the iPad mini with a couple of fingers on the bottom, or even stretch your hand across the back like you're holding an iPhone 5 or iPod touch. It's 5.3 inches (13.5 centimeters) wide, and feels nicely balanced at 7.87 inches (20cm) high.
It's just 308 grams for the Wi-Fi option, but slightly heavier at 312 grams if you opt for the LTE version. We were so tempted to just start flipping it in the air like a pancake, that's how light it feels. This makes it even better as an e-reader than the larger iPad models, since you can hold the iPad mini in one hand for much longer before feeling fatigued.
The aluminum back meets the glass front at a super-shiny, diamond-polished chamfer reminiscent of the one on the new iPhone. The white version is stunning, with a matte silver back, and the black version's charcoal aluminum back matches the black iPhone 5 perfectly.
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