Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Update Status Via Sony Xperia Arc S [Review]

The New Xperia Arc S has all features which can be wanted by most of the users,In order to update your status via Xperia Arc S,you have to follow some steps and that's it.The via is really awesome and fulfils your dreams to update your facebook status via Sony Ericsson Xperia Arc S.The via is generated on a use request.This new via let you update your status in a new way with the name via Xperia Arc S.It`s full entertainment at the super fast speed with delight.The 3D dimensions make this Xperia Gadget super cool.I really love to have this phone but this fucking world does not allow me to have this.My jealous friends have money to burn and so i want to show them that i,Akansh can do something something that they can really bend their knees to.This via is little different from iPhone or BlackBerry as this is for the Xperia Series.
The Display Features:
The Sony Ericsson Xperia Arc S version is so sleek and sexy that it`s display makes all the weak points cold.The Three Dimensional Arena and lot`s more make this phone a superb and fantastic.To enjoy the 3-D visuals you have to update your Xperia Software and Firmware
Designed For Icons:
The convex curvature of the Xperia Arc S makes it the best in it`s kind.I love the black Color Xperia because it`s sleek and shiny style.The white lining is the really impressive.
Songs By Sony:
Since Ericsson and Sony has a tie-up which enables 12 million songs,movies and lot`s more sexy items.This review is really impressive for me even because this reviews have been written with full satisfaction.
GPS(Global Positioning System):
Sony Xperia Arc S ScreenShot

Sony Ericsson LogoThe Gps service is not new but when you are getting this for free then there is no  harm and it`s really important when you went on some excursion and having Xperia Arc S.

About The Via:
The via enables you to update your status via Sony Ericsson Xperia Arc.This via has a green color logo as you can see above.Rest you can know more about thee Xperia Arc S from the Sony Ericsson website  .

Update via Xperia Arc S

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