Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Update Facebook Status Via BlackBerry PlayBook [Review]

PlayBook BlackBerry Screen ShotThe BlackBerry Playbook is the new iPad launched in the market in the year 2011 by Blackberry,Being the 3rd major tablet/iPad.It`s the future of the Black Berry because it`s features are liked by most of the users who try it .This 7inch tablet may make you feel kinky that how to handle such a big device in Pocket.But don`t worry it gets easily adjusted in your pockets.The BlackBerry PlayBook Via helps you using the blackberry at the facebook.

This Playbook is the brightest product that RIM has put in the market till now.This new playbook has many features like Multitasking,High Definition Screen allowing you to watch a HD movies with 300k colors.The storage capacity of bLackBerry PlayBook is around 32GB along with a 5 Mega Pixels camera.It`s having a Dual Core Processor and the most important factor is it`s price.The price of BlackBerry playbook is very high.The 500$ BlackBerry is really difficult for every user to buy .
PlayBook BlackBerry Screen Shot
  • The tablet is having lots of apps for the users which makes it more attractive.The RIM has given the developers a diverse platform to buid their apps and make it more for the BlackBerry PlayBook.
  • Still the BlackBerry PlayBook is liked by most of the BlackBerry users.The Battery life of the Playbook is very reliable.The screen is sleak and soft.You can use the Wi-Fi feature to put the files into the BlackBerry.

Update via BlackBerry PlayBook

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