Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Update Status Via BlackBerry Torch

You can Update Your Facebook Status Via  BlackBerry Torch.But First you must know little about this gadget.The BlackBerry Torch renowned phone in the Year 2010 is the most appreciated phone of blackberry.This new phone has made the world of smartphones a new era .The BlackBerry Torch start selling
in April 2010 with the BlackBerry latest Operating System(OS) 6.This phone was earlier known as “Bold” but later on BlackBerry chnage it`s name to BlackBerry Torch.

Torch Features:
  • The size of BlackBerry Torch is very good.It`s handy and easy to carry in pocket .
  • The weight of BlackBerry Torch is also genuine to be carried in hands.This phone is little heavy but you can easily use it.
  • The Display of the samrty is very large and supports many colors.
  • The camera is also very good and the quality make it a best phone in year 2010.It`s having a five MegaPixel camera.
  • The Multimedia features are also very reliable.It supports large number of extension music and the video formats are also very large.
  • It`s transparent quality is shown in the image it self.
This BlackBerry Torch is not so costly but you can use this Black Berry Phone Free here.You can easily update your status via these gadgets and make your profile look good and dashing.This via is having the original blackberry logo and the name is Via BlackBerry Torch.

Blackberry Torch

Update via BlackBerry Torch

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